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Client work is always rewarding and you learn a lot about yourself and other people in the process. As a solo freelancer, it is important for me to scope and walk clients through my process so each party can get an idea of how the other works. It is also a good idea to make a brief for when project scopes change as new functionality and features are needed.


Remix Hits wanted me to:

  • Bring their look into 2019 and communicate to users that they are new to the market, but just as trustworthy as any long established music brand.

  • Rebuild their user and administrator back-end.

  • Create three new databases to hold song submissions.

  • Build an adaptive shop page to interface with third party apps while allowing them to add new products within the native content management system.

  • Create a support page with built in email forwarding.

  • Add a user forum and other community-based features.

  • Provide a style guide for future design work.


I built their website in Wix editor while using developer tools to create their databases, adaptive shop, submission pages, and user login/back-end features.