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The Quirky Design Challenge

The Quirky Design Challenge

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The goal for the first week was to decide on a product to develop, so we started out by looking at what kind of products Quirky manufactures, then brainstorming every problem regarding any hosting event. 

We took two days to list off every problem we could think of- one day to brainstorm together and another to think individually and propose some solutions. We made sure to cover all definitions of the word "party" whether it is an all night rager, an elegant dinner, or a child's birthday.

A day later, we reconvened and discussed solutions we liked the best as well as which problems were repeated the most among the four of us, just in case we missed something and had to go back a step. These problems ranged from dishes piling up to making sure the host has a way to greet everyone. 

My group ended up having six solutions we all liked, so in order to decide which solution to choose, we voted on the solutions. The idea with the most votes was my solution, Extension Tape. 

My thoughts behind what Extension Tape should be is a flat extension cord with an adhesive backing that can be reused. Thus the cord can be run under rugs and tables without the worry of tripping. In addition, users could adhere the tape to the walls, making portable ceiling lighting easy to power.  

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