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To learn about pattern making, thinking 2D to 3D in a new way, how foam can be molded and finished, and have the wearer look amazing for Halloween.


I wrapped the wearer in saran wrap from the legs to the bust and then layered her with masking tape to give me a surface I could mark with Sharpie. This wrapping gave me a shape to work with, so with the makeshift tape canvas, I pulled up a few images of the new Wonder Woman costumes and started drawing out the pattern lines. It took a few tries to get the lines just right, but after I did, I cut the wrapping off of her and started cutting out the custom patterns. 

I transferred those patterns onto 1/2" floor mat EVA foam and cut out my patterns with an XActo blade. As pictured to the far left, this is the bodice in its flat, pre-glued form with the breast cups just above that still had yet to be heat formed.  


Pictured to the right, you can see the bodice with flourishes on the top as well as my making of the gladiator skirt. The skirt was the most fun part of the process, as I learned how to get foam to look like leather by heating it and pressing aluminum foil into it. It took a lot of finessing, but it ended up being very worth it. 

As for the bodice, after I punched holes in the back for a lacing system and reinforced it with thermoplastic, I had to create the belt and figure out how I could attach the skirt to the bodice. I ultimately decided to attach the skirt plates to the belt and Dremel out a dado on the bottom of the bodice. This allowed for me to add Velcro to the dado and belt for easy dressing. 

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